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DCI Specialty ALH1

Adjustable Audio Hum Eliminator for
Stereo & Home Theater Systems

ALH1 Audio Hum Eliminator

Eliminate HUM between Audio Components

Computer, TV, Cable Box, or remote CD Changer to
Stereo or Home Theater System

Perfect for Subwoofer or Shaker. No bandwidth limitation.
Low Frequency Response goes all the way down to DC

Stereo or Home Theater to another Amplifier in a distant Room

Any Line Output to any Line Input 100's of feet
anywhere in the building with NO HUM!

Adjustable Controls for Specific Installation
Stereo Input/Output, Professional Grade Audio Performance
Frequency Response- DC to 100khz +/-0.2db
Insertion Loss- 0db
Connects at Amplifier with RCA Jacks
Includes Output Cable and U.L. Listed AC Power Supply

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Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity


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DCI Specialty - Model ALH1 $49.00

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